Stop 9: School Days

What is it like at the “school behind the Popeye’s”?


“They were astonished to see turtles, but the big thing that they couldn’t believe is that there was this pond there.”

Alvarez High School was built on the first area to be remediated of the pollution left by the Gorham Manufacturing Company on the shore of Mashapaug Pond. It might seem strange to build a school on a polluted area, but the need for a space to teach was desperate and measures were taken to ensure that the students at this school would not be harmed by any remaining pollution. Still, what is it like to be a student here, so close to the pond that everyone avoids? What do they know of this history? What effects does it have on their lives?

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  • Leeshonel Ayala
  • Dave Evans
  • Dave Valedovsky
  • Ana Quezada
  • Elaine Vang
  • Jeremiah Black


Clip created by Chris Fitzsimmons.

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