Sophia Academy


Students from Rachel Sohl’s 6th grade language arts class at Sophia Academy played an integral role in the creation of the ‘Mashapaug’s Neighbors’ audio tour.  The 6th graders worked with Brown University students (see Teaching Tools) to prepare for and conduct oral history interviews, and to select stories and audio clips for use in the final tour. Sophia Academy, currently located on Branch Avenue in Providence, will be moving to a site near Mashapaug Pond in the 2013-2014 school year. Sophia students have been very active in the Urban Pond Procession and the efforts to raise awareness about Mashapaug Pond.

Listen to Alyssa Wood talk about how and why she teaches about the history of the area near Mashapaug in her classes:


“This project engaged my students on so many levels. While they interviewed their subjects, I could see them starting to view their city in another way, as one full of natural beauty and history come alive. It was especially great for them to hear older community members talk about their younger years — so many of the joys of childhood never change, and it was exciting to see the barriers between the generations slip away as the stories uncovered common ground…All were invested, and all had an uncommon experience as part of this fabulous project.” – Rachel Sohl

One thought on “Sophia Academy

  1. it was really fun doing the project.i am glad we had this oppertunity i hope some other schools will have a chance to do this one day. 🙂

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