Our Partners

Oral history is collaborative storytelling.

We could not have created this tour without help from our incredible partners.

Thank you:

  • Urban Pond Procession  The Urban Pond Procession shared many resources and helped organize the tour and the opening.
  • Alvarez High School –  Teachers and students at Alvarez High School, located on the former Gorham site and next to the pond, are creating a video and a ceramic mural to teach other students and the general public about Mashapaug’s history and current conditions.
  • Sophia Academy – Sixth grade students in Rachel Sohl’s Language Arts class at Sophia Academy conducted interviews and helped choose stories for the tour. Their school will be moving near Mashapaug and students in art, science, and language arts classes are learning about the pond and taking action to clean it up.
  • Providence Department of Parks and Recreation/RIPTA – The Providence Department of Parks and Recreation and RIPTA have helped with the installation of signs on their property.
  • The Steel Yard  The Steel Yard designed and produced metal frames to hold signs announcing tour stops.
  • The students of AMST1903: Oral History and Community Memory, 2011-2012
  • The Brown Center for Public Humanities
  • Our interviewees – Liz Camp, Al Campbell, Erik Carlson, Richard Chatowsky, Genise Choy, Kevin Cole, Richard Cragin, Sue and Melissa Ea, Phil Edmonds, Holly Ewald, David Evans, Mark and Valerie Fonseca, Erik Gould, Jeffrey Herman, Kim Hewson, Edward K. Hooks, Sam Hough, Christine Jennings, Wilbur Jennings, David Kennedy, William C. Kennedy, Henry Marciano, Joseph Martella, Robert McMahon, June Simmons-McRae, Lisa Melmed, Clifford Montiero, Scott Molloy, Sam and Rena Prak, Ana Quezada, Amelia Rose, Diane Rose, Sebastian Ruth, Elizabeth Scott, Burr Sebring, Bill Simmons, Ralph Simmons, Greg Simpson, Gary Slater, Bill Smith, David Stephens, Robin Tagliaferri, Dave Talan, David Valedofsky, Bob Vanderslice, Douglas Victor, Tall Oak Weeden, Alyssa Wood, Samnang Yong

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